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It’s been a winding journey…

When I first started working at a code school called The Iron Yard, I was excited to break into a fresh, exciting industry. Even though I was helping people start new careers in web development every day, because engineering didn’t appeal to me, I assumed tech wasn’t for me. I thought I’d be “on the sidelines” forever.

But then I was introduced to UX Design.

UX Design was learning to understand people, asking the right questions, digging into problems, planning interactions for clarity and intuition, and then transforming an experience to make life better for others. This I could do. This I wanted to do. So I started doing it!

I’m privileged to be situated in one of the best places to learn. I work right alongside UX Designers, Product Managers, and Developers at Pivotal Labs in Atlanta. My team has taught me so much and has been overwhelmingly helpful and supportive of my journey. I’ve learned to value lean and extreme programming, agile practices, and user-centered design through shadowing and participating in office activities and conversations at work.

As I make my way toward a fully practicing designer, I’ve implemented design thinking into my work as a Sr. Administrative Assistant. I quickly test and apply ways to improve efficiency for my managers. I look out for where time isn’t being used well and iterate on meeting rhythms. I take initiative to seek out training and learn deeper reporting skills. And that’s just a few highlights from these last months!

And outside of work?

I have over 20 houseplants, 1 dog, 1 husband, 3 instruments, and multiple books in every room of my home. I like trying new foods, and then I like figuring out how to cook them myself. I enjoy yoga and dancing for exercise. I’m really good at crafting resumes, and I’ve helped over 100 people in their job hunts with that skill. I’m passionate and serious when something gets my attention, and I’ll forever evangelize my favorite causes like Liberty in North Korea and no single-use plastics.

As a highly organized yet tenderhearted individual, I bring a unique blend of right and left brained awareness to my work and play. My life’s mission is to bring more sense, simplicity, kindness, and goodness to the world. I’m excited to see what comes next!